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Federico Garcia Lorca


Federico García Lorca (1898-1936) was a Spanish poet and playwright. Considered one of the great names of Spanish literature, he referred to his poetry, the landscape and the customs of his native land. He was one of the maximum representatives of the poetic theater of the twentieth century.  

Federico García Lorca was born in Fuente Vaqueros, province of Granada, Spain, on June 5, 1898. Son of Federico García Rodríguez, prosperous sugar merchant, and maestro Vicenta Lorca, moved with his family to Asquerosa, where he attended primary school .  

In 1909 he moved to Granada where he attended the secondary school at the Colégio do Sagrado Coração de Jesus. In 1914 he entered the career of Derecho de la Universidad de Granada, as a result of the imposition of his family, since his vocation was poetry. He also showed interest in music, painting and theater. 


Poem Del Cante Jondo

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