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Hamster Kombat daily combo (4th July 2024)

Atualizado: 3 de jul.

Hamster Kombat daily combo 4th July 2024

Hamster Kombat daily combo (4th July 2024): Hamster card is known as "Daily Combo". Hamster Kombat has a special section that rewards players with 5 million coins for finding three special cards each day. Note that these three cards may be placed in different categories, i.e. Markets, PR&Team, Legal or Specials.

  • "SEC transparancy" ===> "Legal"

  • "GameFi tokens" ===> "Markets"

  • "Web3 Game Con" ===> "Specials"

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Guidance: You may need to invite one or more new friends to the game using your referral link or upgrade other cards to a certain level to get one of the combo cards. For example, if under a card it is written "Influencers lvl 5", that means to get it, you need to first find the Influencers card in the game and upgrade it to level 5 to unlock the desired card for you.


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