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The Adventures of Guillermo book by Jamila Mafra

The Adventures of Guillermo

Synopsis of "The Adventures of Guillermo" book:

The late afternoon was still sunny, in the sky the birds sang while Guilhermo returned from school riding his bicycle. With his childlike joy he smiled at the few clouds seen on high. Guillermo had just moved with his parents to the new city and that seemed to be another ordinary afternoon. For the first time he passed a street that was busy at that time, when he came across an old mansion that was about to be demolished. Having the adventurous spirit, the next day, he returns to the house, he finds; in one of the dusty rooms, a magical talisman capable of fulfilling the desires of those who possess it. This stone belonged to an old sorcerer who once inhabited that place. Enthusiastic about the discovery Guillermo takes with him the talisman and immediately makes his first request: to be taken to a world where there is much gold. In this world he will live great moments. The Adventures of Guillermo and the Talisman In the Land of the Rainbow will make you travel through an incredible place, a place hidden in our dreams.

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