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The Little Snowman, Short Stories For Children. Free Digital Book. Mafra Editions.Google Play

Published by Mafra Editions, a publishing house based in Joinville city /SC, Brazil, 'The Little Snowman, short stories for children', is a book that has won thousands of readers on digital platforms. How about embarking on a little trip through nature? Jamila Mafra's short stories will make you visit a lot of places and meet incredible characters! In addition to the snowman built in the yard to celebrate a Christmas full of snow and hope, you will also find gardens with the most beautiful flowers and a multitude of nature creations, such as the Black Birdie. In addition to it, we will also say hello to several puppies, such as Pitoco, Nebis, Nubus and Bamboo-Faced Puppy! You will love them! Our adventure celebrates the goodness, innocence and joy of childhood! Are you ready to dream through words?


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