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Leitura de menino loiro

The Blue Of Your Eyes 

Authors: Jamila Mafra


Ana Lucia Vasconcelos suffers one of the biggest disappointments of her life, right there, in Andradas Square, beautiful Santos, a city she loved so much. Only the waters of the São Paulo seas and the sands of the beach were able to comfort her and witness the moment tears of disappointment ran down her face. After much effort and dedication, at last she wins the scholarship so dreamed of to study astronomy at Weber University. Upon arriving in the United States, in the city of Ogden, Ana Lucia begins to work in the mansion of the Bennett family, where she meets Albert, the eldest son of the couple Annette and Matthew Bennett, for whom she falls in love and begins to nourish a secret feeling. Possessing a great fortune and no interest in a particular profession, Albert lives in luxury parties and travels around the world accompanied by his girlfriend and fiancée Brianna Willis, a competent woman and business administrator. Over the months Albert discovers a strong affection for Ana Lucia, the girl who made him discover what he really loved: astronomy. But one day everything changes and glamour ends when Albert learns that he has a serious illness, and for the first time he feels the pain of being despised. It remains to be seen whether true love will remain with this young man, so Ana Lucia will have to make the most difficult decision of her life. In Blue of Your Eyes new feelings, unexpected emotions and fascinating discoveries will be translated in the form of tender words. 

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