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Leitura de menino loiro

The Feast of the Sun 

Author: Jamila Mafra


A world full of imagination is waiting for you! Shall we start the journey?

In this collection of poems by Jamila Mafra we will go through the grandiose festival of the Sun, which called all the stars to a great celebration. But some stars don't just show up at the party; the Sun and Moon, for example, will be elsewhere in our path.

And that's not all: an extraterrestrial is waiting for you to become your friend!

Our adventure also contemplates the sweetness and contagious joy of children. We'll talk about pranks, rhymes, birthday parties and we'll also get to know the life of a very special puppy. A little further away, on an unknown island, let's follow the boy Tainan meeting mermaids! And a hell of a mess in a moving truck!

Ready to embark on this fantasy journey?

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