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Space Travel and The Time Machine

A journey of beautiful words that enchant the heart, revealing a thousand stories in the form of a song. Affectionate words that reach our ears, A special, loved and dear gift.

Enchanted poems, full of love, giving each reader with affection.

At the end of the reading We will have one certainty: This book provides those who read it A mixture of joy and pleasure.

Get ready to start a fantastic journey through time and space. You will discover the magic of the mysteries of galaxies, stars and other universes. You will discover life on over 1000 planets and immerse yourself in the incredible ocean of your mind's creativity and fantasy. And in this way you will realize that we all have a powerful machine that transports us through the ages. In Voyage in Space And the time machine imagination, past and future meet in a single moment: the now.

The Roses of Seven Colors [Book Cover].jpg

The Roses Of Seven Colors (English Edition)

Author: Jamila Mafra


Karina, Sara and Taty are three little friends who love to play in grandma Mary's garden. One day they visit the magic kingdom of the fairies and have a great adventure in search of the Rose of Seven Colors, a colored flower like rainbow.

Livro Dowload pdf livro The Adventures of Guillermo.jpg

The Adventures of Guillermo and the Talisman in the Rainbow Land (English Edition)

Author: Jamila Mafra

The late afternoon was still sunny, in the sky the birds sang while Guilhermo returned from school riding his bicycle. With his childlike joy he smiled at the few clouds seen high.
Guillermo had just moved with his parents to the new city and that seemed to be another ordinary afternoon. For the first time he passed a street that was busy at that time, when he came across an old mansion that was about to be demolished.
Having the adventurous spirit, the next day, he returns to the house, he finds; in one of the dusty rooms, a magical talisman capable of fulfilling the desires of those who possess it.
This stone belonged to an old sorcerer who once inhabited that place. Enthusiastic about the discovery Guillermo takes with him the talisman and immediately makes his first request: to be taken to a world where there is much gold. In this world he will live great moments.
The Adventures of Guillermo and the Talisman In the Land of the Rainbow will make you travel through an incredible place, a place hidden in our dreams.

03. The Little Snowman.jpg

The Little Snowman: Short Stories for Children

Author: Jamila Mafra

How about embarking on a little trip through nature? Jamila Mafra's short stories will make you visit a lot of places and meet incredible characters! In addition to the snowman built in the yard to celebrate a Christmas full of snow and hope, you will also find gardens with the most beautiful flowers and a multitude of nature creations, such as the Black Birdie. In addition to it, we will also say hello to several puppies, such as Pitoco, Nebis, Nubus and Bamboo-Faced Puppy! You will love them! Our adventure celebrates the goodness, innocence and joy of childhood! Are you ready to dream through words? 


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