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Publish Your E-Book

📚 Introducing Mafra Editions: Your Literary Journey Starts Here! 📚

You have a unique story to tell, and we at Mafra Editions are here to transform your vision into a literary masterpiece. With a team passionate about the art of the written word, we offer a full range of editorial services to bring your narrative to exceptional life.


Our mission is to support talented authors by helping them achieve their literary goals. Whether you are a first-time writer or an experienced author, Mafra Editions is committed to providing a personalized service that respects your unique vision.


📖 Contact us today to start your literary journey with Mafra Editions. Together, let's make your story shine! 📖


📝 Edition: We polish your text, improving your prose while keeping your voice authentic.
📖 Layout: We create engaging layouts that guarantee immersive reading.
🎨 Cover: We design visually striking covers that capture the essence of your work.
🔍 Revision: We ensure every word is precise and captivating, eliminating unwanted errors.
🚀 Advice for Distribution on Platforms: We guide you in the complex world of digital publishing, maximizing your reach.
🌍 Spanish Translation: We bring your story to new audiences, keeping your message intact through careful translation.
🎥 Video Creation: Bring your work to life with captivating videos for YouTube and social media.
🎨 Promotional Banners: Aumente sua presença online com banners impactantes projetados para divulgação.
📚 Catalog Sheet: Garanta a formalidade e acessibilidade de sua obra com fichas catalográficas profissionais.
📜 Copyright Registration: Proteja sua criação com o registro oficial de direitos autorais.

Our Price

Price above for works of up to 80 pages. Click on the Whatsapp button to get in touch and request your personalized quote.

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Attention: Payment can be paid in installments by credit card.

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