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That Night at Auschwitz 

Author: Jamila Mafra


Nazi Germany was witnessing the strong imminence of the Second World War. Faced with an increasingly chaotic and discriminatory scenario, Lindie, a charismatic teenager with strong opinions, finds herself in the midst of a dilemma: supporting Adolf Hitler's regime, as well as her father, an elite general, and her boyfriend. , the soldier Joseph, or go against all the barbarity that devastated his country?
In a Berlin increasingly dominated by the ideals of the Third Reich and with literature and science censored, Lindie does not give up fighting for her education and ends up meeting Steve, a journalist and university professor, with whom she falls in love.
Torn between two loves, the young woman still needs to find a way to save her Jewish friends, captured by the German police.
A tangle of purposes and causes will make Lindie live episodes that will put her life and the life of her family at risk. Your decisions will also be reflected in your heart, showing that, even in the midst of so much barbarism, your only pillar is love.

That Night At Auschwitz will be memorable, moving and unforgettable for Lindie Brückner. Nothing will erase from her memory everything she saw and lived there. Fears, doubts, feelings of loss, and an unexpected affection will dominate that young woman's soul.
Faced with the greatest armed conflict in human history, she would still have to fight another battle: her inability to choose between two great loves.
The psychological drama of a sensitive and confused girl is portrayed
in brief but intense words. Her eyes, almost always brimming with tears,
you will feel the brief consolation of your smiles that recognize the strength of true love.
Lindie will discover the truths of her heart in unexpected ways, face her fears in the hope of finding happiness. 

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