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Brigitte. The Discovery of Love 

Author: Jamila Mafra


Brigitte was abandoned as a baby at the gates of the mansion of Mr. George Bennett, a wealthy widower, who had just arrived from England. Moved, he decides to adopt her. She grows up happily in the mysterious mansion that once belonged to the MacBrown family. Belongings, photos, objects, books, everything that once belonged to the Macbrowns was still there and no one understood why.

George dies, at the time Brigitte is a teenager and starts to be tutored by the young lawyer Joseph Koller, an older man and a perfect gentleman, with whom she falls in love after months of living in the same house.

Joseph also discovers that he loves her, however Brigitte will be resistant to this feeling, as she still doesn't feel ready to be a mother or wife. In addition to wanting to understand her heart, she follows in search of her biological mother and wants to know who her family was.

Her beloved guardian will do anything to help her find her true family and uncover the mysteries surrounding the MacBrown family mansion. 

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