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Astronauta ajoelhado

Cities of the Future, Year 2500. The Incredible Story of Nebula Marilyn, The Woman of the 25th Century

Author: Jamila Mafra


In a future where cities are artificially protected against sudden variations in temperature, where interplanetary exploration is already a profitable business and where the wealth of a human being is measured by the amount of animal and plant life it has, lives Nebula Marilyn, a young girl who left her megalopolis to work in an “ecological city”.

In the cities of the future, diseases are diagnosed and treated in a matter of seconds by medical capsules, tourism covers large cities of the past that were submerged, drinking water is an extremely rare and expensive commodity due to the fact that the oceans are contaminated by radioactivity, and the android machines and robots are becoming more and more human. And it's because of them that Nebula gets her first job. Just don't imagine that it is through them that you will discover love.

Nebula also discovers that she is suffering from an illness, but more than that, she is aware of a seemingly unexplained nostalgic sadness that dominates her mind. In the midst of this, a wave of male stillbirths intrigues not only society, but the scientific community. It is in the midst of these events that the young girl will discover the reason for the affliction that bothers her so much in that evolved world and, at the same time, so desolate and sad. Surprises await you along the way.

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