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Astronauta ajoelhado

Guinah, the account of the young Artemis.

Author: Jamila Mafra


Artemis was an introverted young woman who, from a certain moment, begins to be interested in astronomy. Allied to this passion was the incessant desire to change my life, to go to an extremely distant place, and why not even to another planet?

When she begins to take this possibility seriously, she is branded crazy by her family and colleagues. However, what she desires most turns out to be reality: in fact, some time later, the young woman is invited to live on another planet, Guinah.
Living on Guinah, an extremely developed and sustainable planet, Artemis doesn't even think about returning to Earth. However, she discovers that her home planet, where her family still resides, is in imminent danger, and this may cause the young intergalactic traveler to change her plans.

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