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Astronauta ajoelhado

Stories of Tomorrow, The Sunken Cities. The Future of Humanity

Author: Jamila Mafra


Life on Earth and beyond has never been as challenging as it is now. The future has arrived and it is necessary for human beings to start deciding what they will do with the world from now on. Stories about the future, narrated in a simple way and that invite everyone to reflect on existence are part of this work. This planet is not and will never be the same, so it is with its inhabitants. Stories of Tomorrow, The Sunken Cities is a science fiction work that deals with themes such as the coexistence of human beings with androids, life on other planets, wars and climatic catastrophes.

We live in an infinite universe with possibilities unknown and even unimaginable by our mortal and limited mind. However, the possibility of extraterrestrial life is something very evidenced and studied seriously by modern science and astronomy, which makes this fiction a part of the possible realities of the universe.

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