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Astronauta ajoelhado

The Diary of Young Galaxy

Author: Jamila Mafra


Galaxy is a young inhabitant of the planet Earth, but from a future time (23rd century of our era). In her accounts, she gives us an overview of what life is like on the planet practically two centuries after our time. Galaxy shows us that human activity has reduced the Earth to a place of chaos and rare nature.
Cities, for example, as well as beaches, are practically all submerged, which forces human beings to live in adapted residences on the water. Most women become infertile, the culture has changed as well as social behavior.
In the midst of his stories, Galaxy also talks about his personal life, such as his desire to visit one of the few natural beaches in the world, and, after realizing that dream, the discovery of love through the young Andromeda. 

O Diário da Jovem Galaxy [Book Cover].jpg
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