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Astronauta ajoelhado

The Star Passenger (Part I)

Author: Jamila Mafra


Brianna was used to her secluded life, without much news, but she didn't realize that this was just the foundation for an avalanche of personal tragedies to set in.


The teenager's life seems to be turned upside down when she receives two of the most shocking news of her life. Immersed in a deep dismay, Brianna could barely imagine what the universe had in store for her. In a completely unusual event in his life, an astronaut from the year 3000 ends up crashing his spaceship by mistake on Earth, right next to Brianna, on a starry night, on a lonely beach.


The two meet and, from then on, something completely exceptional will give new directions to their lives. Together Brianna and Agon live great experiences on Earth, discover love, but have to face obstacles that are at first insurmountable. The passenger of the stars will find many truths where he least imagines and his beloved Brianna will feel that she belongs forever to the infinity of the universe.

O Passageiro das Estrelas [Book Cover] Version 01.jpg
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