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reason to love you

Author: Jamila Mafra


Rosa Maria and her family are going through difficult, almost inhumane moments in their country of origin, devastated by a serious political-economic crisis, which culminated in the social deterioration of the entire nation. In the midst of uncontrolled inflation and the total unpreparedness of the head of state to command the country, people's destiny is changed almost instantly, hunger spreads alarmingly, chaos is created in the streets and several demonstrations put the country in midst of a civil war.  

However, there is hope for Rosa Maria: through a mutual friend, her family manages to arrange a trip to the United States, where they intend to seek a new, more dignified life, completely apart from the horrors they were going through. The temporary stay was intended to become a permanent stay, if fate would help the family, but the uncertainty of deportation would become a constant fear.

In the midst of trying to survive in a new country, Rosa Maria keeps memories of her first love, a boy with whom she lived during difficult periods in her homeland. What she doesn't imagine is that she will fall in love again, and that passion will happen unexpectedly. More than that, what she also doesn't imagine is that she will have to face difficulties, dreams and prejudices to move her life forward. As if that wasn't enough, other loves will cross Rosa Maria's life, other obstacles will influence her feelings, turning her new world, now newly conquered, upside down.
If feeling and reason are often treated as opposites, is it possible that Rosa Maria finds a reason for the love she feels, especially in the midst of the whirlwind of feelings she will go through, living with fears, disappointments and uncertainties?

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