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Author: Jamila Mafra


Young Ana discovers the noblest feeling of the human being, but learns that along with it, obstacles often arise to be overcome. Decisions will always be vital and, without realizing it, reason can be stronger and feeling forgotten.
Winning yourself is the hardest war to be fought. Ana Maria, a Brazilian teenager, decides to study philosophy and live with her father, an important Italian businessman and widower, in Rome. Orphaned by her mother, she was educated by her aunts in Catholic standards.
Little did she know about all the surprises and emotions that life had in store for her in the Eternal City. Upon arriving at his destination, he is faced for the first time with true love and subject to prejudice. The motto too new to know this would no longer serve Ana, who will learn in a different way what it's like to really love someone.
After all the tears are shed, all that remains is to make a decision: stay or go. That's when the pain of goodbye becomes inevitable.
Um Amor e Um Amigo is a work that involves love, philosophy, friendship, prejudice, religion, forgiveness, pride and so many other feelings that the human soul is capable of feeling. 

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