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A Love and a Longing

Author: Jamila Mafra


In the first book “Um Amor e Um Amigo”, the young Ana Maria decides to live in Rome with her father, and there she meets the great love of her life, the young Diego Generatto. After facing obstacles and bitter situations, proving that her feeling for him was true, alone and disillusioned, she returns to Brazil.

Time passes, and back in Italy, this time in the city of Naples, to take care of her father who is very sick, Ana Maria has the biggest surprise of all: she meets her beloved Diego again, their eyes recognize each other and thus discover that the love they once felt for each other is still strong, intense.

Involved in several situations Diego will have to decide whether to give up his current life to be with the woman he truly loves or give up on Ana once and for all, saying goodbye to his dreams. 

Um Amor e Uma Saudade [Book Cover].jpg
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